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Micos product line

The Micos product line started in 1996 with Salgadinhos Micos (current flagship of the Cicopal Group). The product had a lot of consumer acceptance, which allowed a great extension of the products  which now has a complete line of snacks, cookies and soft drinks.

Light product line

Potato Straw Slight is our most popular line, the product had  launch  in 1998 and always sought the best possible quality.

The line currently has 4  weights, 70g, 120g, 130g and 140g  and 4 flavors, Traditional, Spiced, and Extrafine.

Petitions product line

Our snack line is made from Wheat and can be found in 7 different flavors, namely: Pepperoni, Carne de Sol, Onion and Parsley, Cheese, Spicy, Barbecue and Pizza.

Peticitos has conquered the public more and more.

Sullper Line

over 40  products, the Sullper line is the most complete of the Cicopal Group, the brand has beautiful products of Corn and Wheat Snacks, Donuts, Straw and Corrugated Potatoes, Soft Drinks, Seasonings and Condiments.

Crony product line

The Cicopal Group's main line of corrugated potatoes, Potato Crony, was launched in 1998 and since then has continued to rise in the market.

The line currently has 4  weights, 18g, 54g, 100g and 175g  and 4 flavors, Original, Barbecue, Onion and Parsley and our latest aroma, Cheddar.

Energizing Replay

Replay is a carbonated energy drink that arrived on the market for the public looking for more energy but not as harmful to health as energy drinks  that make use of Taurine.

Replay makes use of natural ingredients like green tea, guarana and a great source of vitamins!

The drink can be found in 250ml and 470ml.

Mikão snack

Mikão wheat snacks is one of the great successes of the Cicopal Group.  A reference product in several regions of Brazil, the Mikão snacks are  sold in 2 grams (100g and 140g)  and 5 delicious flavours, Ham, Onion and Coriander, Cheese, Cream Cheese and Free-range Chicken.


Torresmicos is a wheat Snack and has been on the market for 15 years. Initially released in 3 flavors, today Torresmicos can be found in just Bacon flavor.

House made

Homemade products are part of our Sullper brand, which until now can be found as Refreshment and Potato Straw.


Ekoa fruit bars, it's our first  product line launched outside the national territory. Ekoa bars are sold in the USA and their composition is different. The bars 100% made from natural products have had a good reception from North Americans.

Smooth Refinata Potato

Refinata has been on the market since 2006, and is our first brand of plain potato. In the Picanha, Ribs and Chicken a Passarinho flavors, the brand has conquered even the most refined palates!


The most loved Mini-wafers on the market arrived with a different proposal from other wafers on the market and proved to be well accepted by the public.

With a weight of 80g and in Chocolate and White Chocolate flavors, Twice comes just right for a good snack.


Anelitos Onion Rings is a wheat snack that was initially launched as part of the Micos snack line. But soon it had great approval by the consumer public and with that it became  a line of its own.

the delicious  Onion rings can be found in weights 27g, 55g and 165g.

DBest Energy

The energy drink that conquered the Northeast in just 2 years of existence has proven to be of excellent quality, sold in 250ml, 1.25L  and 2L DBest is the right drink for those who need more energy.

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