From a small importing wholesale business to being one of the top 5 snacks company in Brazil, Cicopal Group has developed a history of success in its more than 25 years operating in the Brazilian market.

With more than $70 million invested, the company has built a large manufacturing infrastructure with 3 factories strategically located to optimize distribution and market penetration. Manufacturer of corn snacks, potato chips, wheat snacks, beverages, and cookies, Cicopal has a total capacity of producing 380 tons of finished product per day.

Focusing in sustainable growth, Cicopal is constantly searching to match the needs of the consumers through innovation and strategic partnerships. The company´s institutional logo, “Producing with Love”, reflects the mindset of all the 1,260 employees and partners: everyone gives their best in the process of delivering the most quality products to the clients.



To rescue and promote the elements of the Brazilian culture through the sharing of unique moments and flavors through our products.


  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Sustainability





First factory opened in Brasilia (DF)


Operations moved to Senador Canedo (GO), at a more industrial site.


Launch of  our first potato chips brand, Crony, and of the potato sticks snack Slight.


First expansion with the opening of a new factory in Benevides (PA), to supply the market in the North of Brazil.


Opening of the factory in Camaçari (BA), expanding the supplied area in the Northeast of Brazil.


Launch of the wheat snacks line of products Peticitos and Torresmicos


Launch of the potato chips Refinata, powdered juice Sullper, and Micos soda.


Introducing the production of cookies, wafers and expansion of the headquarters.


Factory Certification – ISO 9001


New Products: 1 Natural Energy Drink (with green tea and guarana); 2 – DBest Energy drink ; 3 – Anelitos (onion rings snack).

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